Thursday, November 12, 2015

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Get a free mini kit which highlights life’s hot messes!

My Debut at the High School Art Show

Credits:  Hot Mess Mini Kit, Blue Heart Scraps
Font:  DJB Play Misty for ME and Century Gothic

Journaling:  It was           Hectic                from the start....
I had to talk to several people about getting permission to include my students in the school district’s Art Fair held at the end of the year. The students that I taught were never invited to this prestigious show possibly because they attended an Alternative High School. But I kept pushing until finally we were allowed some floor space.  But this was just the beginning...

I encouraged some of my most talented students to push their creativity in the areas of Digital Photography and Computer Graphics/Animation. It took countless hours and the help of students and a fellow colleagueto learn new techniques, produce the work, determine which pieces would be selected, mount each one for optimal beauty, and then bringour display board to the high school for assembly.  The boards were so large that we had to use a van provided by a student’s parent! 
When we arrived, we had toset up  and fix some of our display that had been damaged in transit.
When the last minute adjustments were made, I felt such a sense of pride in what my students and I
had accomplished.   And when the show was over after a few days,I was ready for a little break


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