Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Newly Released Products: Bunny Trail Kit, Quick Pages, and Word Art (Oh My)

Hi everyone,

Two blogs in one day--I'm on a roll here!  I am super excited to announce three new products which have been released at my store.  All three of these products can stand alone or can coordinate with one another depending on your preferance!  Also, these products do coordinate with my freebie contribution to the March Blog Train which can be found below so be sure to grab that too!

Here is Bunny Trail...
Here is Bunny Trail Quick Pages...

And, finally, here is Bunny Trail Word Art...

You can find these latest kits at my store at Digi Style Designs Store Link for Pizazz Pixels

March 2012 Blog Train - Spring Sun and Easter Fun (Bunny Trail Freebie)

March is here! So this means the 2012 Blog Train is underway!  You should have arrived from:
44. Marisa Lerin:

I just loved the bright, cheerful colors this month!  When I saw the colors, I just had to go with an Easter theme!  Here is my contribution:

Freebie Download Link at Mediafire
Your next stop should be:
46. scrappamondo by monica:

Here is where you can find the whole list of all of the other participants so you can get some more great kits!
The Blog Train Participants Link

Enjoy Everyone!  (P.S.  I just absolutely loved the cheerful colors so be on the lookout for a full sized kit, quick pages, and even word art to match this freebie in my store.)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Newly Released Kit for the Project 365 Year in Review Series: March: Lucky Clover

I just finished up a new kit for the store just in time for Saint Patrick's Day and I am working on Easter things believe it or not!  (For once, I am ahead of the game!) 

Here is the kit which you can purchase at my store over at Digi Style Designs.  It is part of a Project 365 Year in Review Series which I started this year so you can use these kits to document those special 2012 memories.  Many elements and a few of the papers have an Irish/St. Patrick's Day theme, but there are also pleanty of things included in this kit which can be used for a variety of other occasions as well!  Here is my newest kit for March entitled Lucky Clover.

Included in this kit are 13 papers, 29 elements, 1 full alpha, punctuation and symbols.

Upcoming Blog Train and Designer Darling Status

Hi everyone

Well, I did not make it past Round 2 in the Designer Darling challenge which was the first design challenge I entered, but the good news is that I learned a lot in the short time which I was actually in the contest so I can apply that to all my new designs!  Thanks for all those who supported me.  I really appreciate it!  (I would have liked to have made it further, but it just wasn't meant to be I guess.)

Since I had some free time, I will be designing a mini kit for the upcoming March Blog Train.  Here is the color scheme which we were given....

I went for the Easter Fun theme for my particular contribution and you can find this freebie March 1st.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Freebie Mini Kit - Barely There Add On Freebie

Well, voting is underway for Round 2 of the Designer Darling competion and thanks to you, I am getting some votes so here is your promised mini...

Link to Freebie Mini Kit

I think voting continues til midnight tonight (Tuesday) so I would still appreciate you taking the time to vote for me...
Voting Link:
Designer Darling Round 2 Voting thread


Monday, February 13, 2012

Voting Round-Designer Darling, Round 2 --I need your vote

Hi everyone!

It is time once again to ask for your help! Voting has begun for Round 2 of the Designer Darling competition over at Stuff to Scrap.

It would be great if you could help me out and vote for Pizazz Pixels - Barely There.  This vote would mean that I can stay in the competition longer and for you, it means more freebies of course (See how that benefits both of us--wink, wink.)

Voting Link:
Designer Darling Round 2 Voting thread

P.S.  I am not too proud to bribe anyone, so if I see a high number of votes for me, I will offer this freebie add on tomorrow on my blog....  Who knows, there might be more to this if the votes are large enough--hint, hint :)

Thanks for your help everyone!

Designer Darling Entry for Round 2-Barely There

Whew!  I was so busy designing my latest kit and entering it into the Designer Darling competiton that I almost forgot to post my preview here so you can grab it.  (We were asked to create a kit around a monochromatic color scheme--one color with varying shades/hues.  I chose beige because I really love earthy colors!  Hope you like it too!)

Here is the link where you can find this freebie:
Freebie Kit - Designer Darling Round-2

Voting will take place soon so I will be back begging for your votes!  :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

40% off Sale -- All my products

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching so I wanted to share the love with all of you...

All kits in my store are on sale for 40% off until February 2012 so grab some beautiful kits and save some money too!  Link to my store at Digi Style Designs


Monday, February 6, 2012

Voting Time-- My First Designer's Challenge

Hi everyone!

I am hoping to drum up some votes for my first designer's challenge which I entered over at Stuff to Scrap.  If you like what I have designed (Whoot's You Cuckoo Over), please head over to Designer Darling Voting at the Forum
Click on the voting tab and choose your top 3 favorites.  (If I stick around, that means more freebies for you!)

Thanks everyone for your support!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Freebie Add On to Whoot's You Cukoo Over

Thanks everyone for leaving some comments about my entry at Stuff to Scrap's Designer Challenge.  As promised, here is a little add on to Whoot's You Cukoo Over. (A little night life for your owl!)

Link to download this freebie

STS Challenge 1 Entry - Whoot's You Cuckoo Over? Freebie Mini Kit

"It's 2:00 in the morning" is the song that is playing in my head right now as I write this post...
You see, I just finished my first entry for Stuff To Scrap's Designer Darling challenge and I wanted to let you guys in on all the fun too before I head off to my bed for some much needed sleep...

Here is the freebie which you can download if you head over to the gallery at Stuff to Scrap.
Link to this freebie at Stuff To Scrap's Gallery
While you are there at the gallery, please leave me a comment and there just might be a freebie add-on in store on my blog within the next few days (hint hint)

Thanks for your support!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Newly Released Kit--Love in Shades of Black, White & Grey

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching. This holiday is extra special to me because it is the day which my husband and I got married! (Super easy to remember our anniversary.) Here is a kit which I designed to celebrate love, romance, Valentine's Day, or those special date nights....

The color scheme of black, white, and grey also makes this kit versitile enough to showcase any formal or black tie event.

Stay Tuned--Freebies on the way...

I am excited to announce that I have entered my first designer challenge over at Stuff to Scrap. You know what that means, don't you...of course, freebies are on their way! Not only from me but from some other contestants as well.

Stay tuned for my first entry which I just started designing (I will keep you in suspense of the theme). It should be ready by the weekend if not sooner :)