Monday, October 31, 2011

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Week of 10/30/2011 Freebie - Flower and Feather

Hopefully there is not too much mischief around tonight on Old Hallows Eve!  Here is an early special Halloween treat just for you....

Not dark and dreary at all--It is actually the exact opposite! Flower and Feather Download Link

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Upcoming Sale - All My Products will be on Sale for 50% off for 3 days only

Hi everyone.

I have been receiving some lovely comments lately about my designs and I am so grateful for the feedback that I want to give back to my loyal fans!

Please mark your calendars for a special Halloween treat--a 50% off sale on ALL of my kits for 3 days only (October 29, 30, and 31).  Here are the details:

Happy Halloween everyone!

Scrapping FairyTales Final Challenge: Feather Fantasy (Freebie Mini Kit)

Hi everyone

I just finished my final challenge over at Scrapping FairyTales and it was a doozy!  We had to actually create our own brush which I have never done before.  We also had to come up with a theme, a color scheme, and an inspiration board too to show how we created the kit.

Here is my submission
If you want to grab it for free before it goes into my store, then head over to this link

Link to gallery where you can download this kit for free

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Week of October 23 2011 Freebie - Running in Circles

Can you believe Halloween is almost here? I bought the costumes for this year one year ago so we are all set (unless the kids have grown so much and nothing fits).

Here is a darker themed contribution in honor of Halloween.  Do you have  days when you feel like you are running in circles and just not getting anywhere?  Well I do so here is a kit with a brighter take on those moments.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Angels Among Us Blog Bonus - Freebie Mini Kit

It's Saturday everyone! 

I had some extra papers and elements while designing my week 3 entry for Scrapping FairyTales entitled Angels Among Us so I will offer these here to my blog fans.  Here are 4 papers and 4 elements which can be added to my main kit (found in an earlier post) for more layout design options.

Download Link

I would love to get some feedback on this kit so if you would leave a comment, that would be great!


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Designer Quest 3 Challenge Freebie at Scrapping Fairy Tales

Hi everyone.

I am so happy with the kit which I designed for the challenge.  We were to pick something we were thankful for, take a photo of it, come up with 5 colors for the color scheme, and then we had to restrict ourselves to 5 papers, 12 elements.

Here is the kit.  Click on the link below to be directed to where you can pick up this freebie along with some other kits designed by others.  (P.S.  I had some things left over so I will probably make this into a bigger kit for my store a bit later...)

Link to Freebie Kit: Angels Among Us

If you like this kit, you might also be interested in other kits which I designed which have a similar theme

Link to Purchase these Fairy, Angelic, or Guardian Angel Kits:
Link to Pizazz Pixels' Store at Digi Style Designs

The story behind the Angels Among Us kit:
I am thankful for Angels Among us—you know, those rare individuals who are empathetic, sympathetic, caring, loving, giving, and compassionate!  If you are lucky enough to meet one of these angels, you are truly blessed as I was this past weekend (October 15, 2011).  Here is my story… (See the first reply thread for the story because it is a bit of a tale…)
My husband and I along with our two small children (ages 9 and 6) had to run some errands like we typically have to do during the weekends.  My husband had to go to an electronics store so I told him that the kids and I would check out the local Dollar Store which was right next door.  We went our separate ways and then met up again and proceeded to find a few items that we could give away as Halloween gifts to our neighbors (a.k.a., a Boo gift). After our purchase, my husband wanted to check out another store that sold household goods so we all walked over to that store.  Before we even got to the door, my husband asked me if I had his car keys.  I told him that I did not (he had driven).  This is where our day took a turn for the worse because of course, we did not have a spare key to the car and we do not own a cell phone (one of the rare families not to have one I know) so we could not even contact anyone for help. 
We ended up looking around the various three stores where the keys could have been and we looked in the parking lot and in the car but the keys were nowhere to be found.  The car next to us asked us if we lost our keys and we told them that we had.  (They basically just said they had a spare key to their car but it was in another state which in no way was helpful to us at all).
When we could not find our keys, my husband decided that we should just walk home and get the spare (home, by the way, is five miles away from the stores we were at).  We were not really dressed for the hike but started off anyways with little other options.  Well, we were doing fine until half way home, our six-year-old son said his feet hurt.   I told my husband that he should go the remaining distance while the kids and I would stay put at a local convenience store (CVS).  Our nine-year-old daughter wanted to go with dad but I put my foot down and told her that we would wait at the store until dad picked us up.
We knew it would be a while before my husband could get to us because he still had about 2.5 miles to go and he would have to find the keys and then drive my car to pick us up.  I decided that it would be best to hang out in CVS for a while because the weather was cold, it was very windy, and I was the only person who had a coat.  As many of you are probably aware, little kids cannot be contained in a store for much longer than 15 minutes without touching everything, pressing every Halloween decoration, and picking up every toy that they see.  After I am sure we outlived our welcome, I decided to wait outside for a bit.  Well, we found a ledge and all three of us huddled under my coat and proceeded to enjoy the trail mix which I hoped would satisfy my kid’s hunger for more than a half hour!  We must have been sitting there for a good five-ten minutes when a lady approached us.  She said that she knew it was cold outside and she thought that we might need something warm.  She told us that she wanted to give us two blankets which she just purchased inside.  (I could see that one blanket was purple—a girl’s color, and one was olive green—a boy’s color).  She then said “Merry Christmas”.  When she presented her gracious gift to us, I thanked her for her generosity but told her that we really did not need the blankets; we were waiting to be picked up by someone.  She asked if I was sure, and I repeated that I was indeed sure.  We spoke for a bit and then she left us to go to her car (blankets still in hand).  About a minute later, my husband pulled up and I shared with him the story of this woman’s compassion and selfless act because she did not want anything in return other than helping others out.  Now I share this story with you in hopes that 1) Maybe that woman is reading this and she can know that she is truly an angle among us and 2) Maybe we can all help others out even in the smallest way so the world can be a better place for all.
(P.S. I did not have a camera with me so I could not get a photo of this woman or her gift, but I did find a photo of yarn which represents the colors in the blankets which she offered to us.)
P.S.S.  I actually designed the angel in this woman’s likeness because she had darker hair.  Unfortunately, I never got her name but her act of kindness will certainly be remembered by me for a long time.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Newly Released Mini Kit - Creatures of the Night

In two short weeks, some people over the world are going to celebrate Halloween.  Before this evening of trick-or-treating, parties and festivities are taking place at schools and at homes all over the states.  I could not resist designing a mini kit which you can use to document all of those special Halloween celebrations.  Here is the kit...

This kit could also be used to showcase those beautiful fall evenings.  (Before darkness falls, beautiful colors of pastels fill the skies to form those memorable sunsets.  As it gets later in the evening, it gets darker and darker out until the sky appears black.  This is the time when the creatures of the night take over in search of food and/or adventures.  This mini kit focuses on two of these creatures--the cat and the bat as well as the elements of the night. )

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Freebie Kit - Home is Where the Heart is--See Below for more information

I almost forgot to share my Week 2's entry with you in the Designer Challenge over at Scrapping Fairy Tales.  This kit is called Home is Where the Heart is.

For this challenge, we were given 3 colors to start with (orange, bright pink, and olive) and we had to come up with two other colors to coordinate with the original colors (I chose yellow and brown).  We also had to design the kits around a specific theme for the color choice we selected and the theme I chose was Love.  When I saw this word, I immediately thought of the one place where I have always felt love—home.

Link to Home is Where the Heart Is

Week of 10/16/2011 Freebie Mini - Sunny Flower

Have you noticed the theme lately?  Yes, I love flowers!  Here is a kit to capture some more photos of the things you like.
Pizazz Pixels Sunny Flower link

Friday, October 14, 2011

New Kits in Store - Project 365: Fall Months, Parts 1 and 2

Happy fall everyone!

Where I live, the air is crisp and the leaves are falling from the trees--a sure sign that Fall is underway and winter is not too far off.  The cooler temperatures and the beautiful colors are the inspiration for my latest kits...

Both kits were designed around the Project 365 theme with a focus on the Fall months. (Are you keeping up?) You can capture all of those memories which occur during the fall months with these kits full of rich fall-like colors.  The elements are generic enough to complete any layout of fall festivities, Thanksgiving preparations, and other activities that occur during the months of September, October, and November.  Those days of the week elements or that date strip alone will help document all of those preparations leading up to those special festivities.  

You can grab both kits at my store:  My store at Digi Style Designs

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Week of October 9, 2011 Freebie Mini - Swaying Flower

This time of year, the last blooms of the flowers start to fall so here is a kit to capture all those photos of flowers so you can enjoy them all year!

Here is the link:  Pizazz_Pixels Swaying Flower

Designer Challenge Freebie at Scrapping Fairytales-Creatures of the Night

I am participating in my first ever design challenge over at Scrapping Fairytales.  The challenge was to use a certain color scheme and to use a button in some way.  Here is the kit which I designed:
Before darkness falls, beautiful colors of pastels fill the skies to form those memorable sunsets.  As it gets later in the evening, it gets darker and darker out until the sky appears black.  This is the time when the creatures of the night take over in search of food and/or adventures.  This mini kit focuses on two of these creatures--the cat and the bat as well as the elements of the night.  Of course, the colors are perfect for those Halloween layouts as well.
If you want to grab this kit, here is the link to the gallery where you can find the download links...
Scrapping Fairytales Gallery for Download Links

If you are looking for more Halloween related goodies, you can check out my most recent kit for sale at Digi Style Designs.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New Product in Store: Candy Corn is a Delicacy

Just in time for all those fun fall festivities is a kit designed by Pizazz Pixels called "Candy Corn is a Delicacy."

With this delightful kit, you too can enjoy the same candy in a more sophisticated form...

 Who says candy corn is just for kids? Go on, indulge!  This kit is on sale this week only for $2.80.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Week of 10/2/2011 Freebie - Collecting Good Things

I don't know about you but I am a pack rat and I tend to collect way more than I should (according to my husband anyways.)  How about you?  Here is a small kit to capture your collections.

Pizazz_Pixels Collecting Good Things Link

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Beautiful Moments Bonus Challenge - Create a Layout and get a prize!

Hi Everyone!

I am so excited to be hosting my first ever challenge involving digital scrapbooking!  You too can join in on the festivities!  Here are the instructions for the Beautiful Moments Bonus Challenge

1. Download "Beautiful Moments Bonus" by Pixazz Pixels from Digi Style Design's newsletter (will probably be released late Friday night, 9/30/2011). 

You can probably find the newsletter on the Blog  here: Digi Style Designs Blog Link

or you can dowload directly from my store at:
Pizazz Pixels Store for Download Link

2. Create a layout using only the items within the "Beautiful Moments Bonus" kit.
3. Post the layout in in the Challenge Gallery
Challenge Gallery Link at DSD
You must be a registered user of the forum so you might have to register
4. All layouts should be posted in the Challenge Gallery by Thursday, October 6, 2011
5. Prizes will be awarded for the most beautiful and creative layouts posted by the deadline
First Prize - Coupon of $3.00 to be used in Pizazz Pixels's store only
Second Prize - Coupon of $2.00 to be used in Pizazz Pixels's store only
Third Prize - Coupon of $1.00 to be used in Pizazz Pixels's store only
**Everyone who posts a layout by the deadline will earn the following posting bonus "Beautiful Moments Reward" designed by me.

I cannot wait to see everyone's layouts!

Annemarie (a.k.a., Pizazz Pixels)