Saturday, August 31, 2013

CT Layout - A Fun Filled Day at the Park

The 3 day extra long weekend is well under way.  I spent the most of the morning weeding our play structure in the backyard because the weather was cooler and the sun was not beating down.  Our daughter came and joined me and we are trying to come up with a re-model of this area because the kids are getting bigger and growing out of this swing set!  She brought some concrete stones from our garden and outlined the sandbox with them at the corners.  Now it is starting to look a lot better!

Here is some inspiration for scrapping those summer or outdoor moments...

This layout by Chris involves some play equipment too and highlights a trip to a local park with her 2 grandsons.  It looks like they were having a ball!  This was the perfect paper to showcase some of those fun moments--Doesn't it seem like all play structures are bright and colorful--probably to draw in our kids!

My favorite part was her title work!   She re-colored the original alpha that comes with the kit and she also added an outline to make that title really stand out!  I also liked how she placed a photo inside that tree house element.  What a great idea--I would have never thought of this!  I was thinking that it could just be used as a cluster element or as decoration or if a person wanted to go the extra mile, they could extract someone  or a group and place them into this cute little house.  Such a great use of the element Chris!

I also appreciated her use of multiple photos to showcase the different things at the park!  I too use many photos so that I can quickly scrap a particular memory!

Available at all my stores

Hosting a Speed/Slow Scrap at Wilma4Ever September 3rd at 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Get ready for a lot of activity from me this September!  There will be new releases of course but I have some other things in store for you too!

To start off with, I will be hosting 4 different Speed/Slow Scraps over at Wilma4Ever during September. 

I hope you will be able to join me to chat, but if you cannot make it at 2:00 on September 3rd, you can still participate.  Everyone who completes the challenge will earn a free add-on to one of my kits.

Here is the thread with some more information:


CT Work - Dreaming of a Mouse: Night Magic

Labor Day weekends usually mean spending time with family or visiting some fun attraction such as the State Fair--which is in town here in Michigan!  I wish our fair was as cool as the one that Poki featured in her layout using my kit Dreaming of a Mouse:  Night Magic! 

Just look at how many ways that Ferris wheel is lit up during the evening hours! That filmstrip element is the perfect way to showcase multiple photos! And if you look closely at the left, you will see that the track for that roller coaster is even lit up too!  Next time I am in Texas, I am going to add this attraction to our list--Pleasure Pier!!  Just one more thing to add to my Bucket List!

Credits:  Dreaming of a Mouse:  Night Magic kit by Pizazz Pixels; Layout by Poki

Friday, August 30, 2013

An Aquamarine Night to Remember, CT layout - Poki

I thought I would continue with the wedding theme--Kind of perfect for summer since many weddings take place this time of year!  Here are the 2 layouts which Poki created using my "An Aquamarine Night to Remember" kit. Now my jaw just dropped when I saw these beauties for the first time!  That blocking technique was perfect to really accent those special wedding moments!  And the title, using my alpha, was so perfect!  My favorite part, though, was all of those flowers and star scatters so eloquently placed throughout each layout!

Here are some previews of the actual kit available at all my stores. 


Blooming Romance - CT Work - Chris

Now that you have some background information on some of my CT members, I will be posting some of their layouts.

It seems as if the product that most of my members wanted to work with is Blooming Romance!  I have had a lot of requests to work with this particular kit!  Here are the previews of this kit which I designed a while back.  This product is available at all my stores!

And here is what Chris created using this super-sized  kit.  ..
She used this kit to showcase 2 weddings! Simply stunning!  I just loved the way she layered the papers and the border provided the perfect accent to draw the viewer into her page!  The way she framed those 2 gorgeous photos from her grown children's wedding day was perfect!  She accented each photo with a frame and then added the doily like element underneath to really make each photo stand out.  Doesn't black and white look great with purple and mauve!!!!!!!  Also, those clusters tie into those flower arrangements perfectly!


Introducing Some Members of My New Creative Team -- You too can still apply!

Happy Friday all,  Even better, a 3 day weekend with Labor Day! 

My Friday is extra sweet because I have started working with some fantastic ladies who have applied to be on my Creative Team! 

I would like to take a moment to introduce these talented individuals to you before showcasing their work....

First, Chris surprised me  by responding to my call even before I had a chance to post the details about the call at various locations in Digi land.  She hails from England and enjoys spending time with her grandsons along with her immediate family who all live within an hour of her.  She has worked as a secretary in the past and now she enjoys scrapping and gardening--My kind of gal! She also has fun paper crafting and she also dabbles in digital design herself!  She really enjoys the color purple--very appropriate for a person living in England near the royals!

And then I heard from Poki, a familiar face who has created layouts out of my products before.  She is a retired teacher from Texas.  Poki, unlike her name, is so efficient and I do not know how she is able to do so much so quickly and with such perfection too! She is one talented layout artist who comes up with new techniques each time!

Tracy is my latest addition to my team and I will give you more information as I get to know her a bit better.  From what little I know about her, she does a lot of fun craft type things with her kids and is so creative in so many ways!  She tells me the things are easy but saying it and actually seeing me do something crafty is a different story!  Also, she has a flair for clustering and I cannot wait to see what she will do with my products.

Kristine has been helping me with creating layouts for a while now and you have seen some of her layouts already.  She lives in Oregon in a wide open space.  She currently works and has a son who is a bit older but still in school now.  She has been through a lot health wise and is a Cancer survivor too.  She still has health issues but manages to whip up a layout for me every so often. 

All of these ladies inspire me in different ways and I am sure they will inspire you too in the weeks, months, and hopefully years to come!  I have listed their blogs to the right of my blog page and you can view their latest posts.  These ladies really amaze me with their talent!  I am one lucky gal!

And if you want to join in on the fun we are having, there is still time.  September 30th is the official closing date of my call!  (Just see the related post below for all the details.)  I wanted to give everyone plenty of time to apply  because I know how summer can be--with the last minute summer vacations, starting of school, life, work, etc., etc.

CT Work

Ready for some inspiration for scrapping those summer time memories?  Here are the highlights of Chris and her husband's trip to a local park where fun was had by all! 

I really liked the way she re-colored and outlined the alpha in the kit to make it really pop in this layout! I also appreciated her using multiple photos to remember the major highlights of the day in one page!  Also, I thought it was a great idea on her part to include an actual entire photo inside that tree house.  I would have never thought of that-- I would have just pasted it somewhere on the page or maybe even extract a person from a photo to fit inside that little house.

Credits:  'A Fun Filled Day at the Park' by Pizazz Pixels (available at Digi Style Designs and Heartfelt Perfections)
Layout by Chris


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sneak peek at an Exclusive over at Heartfelt Perfections starting Sep 1

I wanted to share with you a sneak peek of an Exclusive which will hit Heartfelt Perfections starting September 1st.  Some of the designers were given the theme "PARIS BISTRO" and a color scheme and we have been busy working on creating some dazzling goodies for you to enjoy.

Here is the color scheme...

Now with those color, you know the kits have to be beautiful right?

I just fell in love with the palate right away and I am just putting the finishing touches on some of the elements before sending my portions into the store!

Stay tuned for September 1st when my portions (yes I said portions) will be revealed!!!!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Creative Team Call for Pizazz Pixels!

Looking for something to do when the kids go back to school or if you just love to scrap?  If so, I am looking for a new Creative Team!


Credits for CT Ad:  Dreaming of a Mouse:  Night Magic by Pizazz Pixels
Earn free kits and special gifts

Create 1 or 2 layouts per kit (I design 2-4 products per month usually)
Promote my products and your layouts!
Have fun!!
Call ends September 30, 2013

I cannot wait to see who applies.  Please email me at with the Subject:  CT Call for Pizazz Pixels if you are interested...  Please include your name, a brief bio, blog link, link to galleries, and current CT team (if any)


New Release - Dreaming of a Mouse - Night Magic by Pizazz Pixels

Just got back from school orientation for our oldest.  School is quickly approaching so now comes the shopping for supplies stage! 

I managed to finish up one last kit for August.  It is called Dreaming of  a Mouse - Night Magic.  When I was working on my "Dreaming of a Mouse" Series, I realized that I represented Disney by day pretty well, but there was nothing which could highlight those magical nights at the amusement park.  So I began to create some items to showcase things that occur at theme parks during the night  such as parades, fireworks, beautiful sunsets, the magic of twilight. 

There are a few items specific to Disney, but the majority of this kit is more generic to help you scrap those special magical nights! This full sized kit contains 24 papers and 66 elements.  Best of all, this brand new release is on sale for only $2.39 until Saturday evening!

Here are all the components of this full-sized kit...


This digital product is available at:
My Store at Digi Style Designs
My Store at Heartfelt Perfections
My Store at Wilma4Ever


Sunday, August 25, 2013

CT layouts for Amusement at the Circus, Fair, and Theme Park kit

What a beautiful Sunday we had!  It was warm, sunny and the perfect day to be outdoors enjoying the last few days of relaxation before school starts!  How many of you are taking those last minute vacations before September?

Kristine was very busy with my latest release "Amusement at the Circus, Fair, and Theme Parks."  She used this super-sized kit to scrap her family's vacation to a place called Enchanted Forest which is a story-book, small scale, quaint type of amusement park located in Oregon.

I really liked how she created a major castle type building out of the tent element in her first layout which describes this special spot in the United States.

In this layout, a little Western flair is added to highlight a place called The Western Town.

So many colors and sights are visible whenever a fair or circus comes to town and adding colors is just what Kristine did in this particular layout!  (Sometimes even the mild rides can cause fear in the youth and her son definitely was not a fan of this revolving ride!)
Credits:  Amusement at the Circus, Fair and Theme Park and A Day at the Amusement Park:  Riding the Rides Generic Elements and Journal Cards

How many of you have tried to snap a picture of someone just as a ride is ready to start? And how about journaling the excitement, feelings, or personal experiences while on the ride?  What a great way to remember the day!


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

New Release - Super Sized Kit - Amusement at the Circus, Fair, and Theme Parks by Pizazz Pixels

Designing the mini kit freebie for Wilma4Ever's August Blog train lifted my spirits so much that I decided to continue and design a full-sized kit with this fun Fair theme!  Also, since I had already designed 2 other series which revolve around theme parks, I wanted to continue with this theme so that you could have a mega kit if you collect my latest releases!

It seems as if every amusement park, circus, fair, or other fun themed day has those carnival type of games at them.  You know the ones, the games that test your strength, skill, and of course luck too!  This was my main inspiration for this super-sized kit called "Amusement at the Circus, Fair, and Theme Parks."  There are 20 papers and an amazing collection of 70 fun-filled elements which should bring a smile to anyone's face!

This super-sized kit is only available exclusively at Wilma4Ever for the month of August since I designed a coordinating blog freebie for their August Blog Train.

Need more of an incentive to check out this latest release?  Well, with my Back to School sale, this kit is value priced at $2.39   .  But hurry, this special deal is over at the end of August!

My Store at Wilma4Ever

Freebie Mini Kit Time - Wilma4Ever's August 2013, Country Faire Blog Train

Grab a ticket and get ready to ride the Wilma4Ever's Blog Train.  For August, the theme was "Country Faire."  What a perfect summer theme right? Once school ends, it seems like there is a fair or circus rolling through all major cities throughout the U.S.! 

Every year for the Fourth of July, our family goes to a local city where we grew up and we walk through the fair before watching those fabulous fireworks.  There are so many fun colors, yummy fair food and some wild rides too!  This was the inspiration for my portion of this blog train!

If these colors look familiar, that is because this kit shares some colors of my "Dreaming of a Mouse" series--the red, yellow, and white too!  So, look back at my previous blog posts for a coordinating alphabet freebie!

Download Link to Country Faire - Blog Freebie by Pizazz Pixels
(Included in this download is a reminder about my 40% off sale which lasts until August 31st.  Also included is a preview of a coordinating full-sized kit which is available exclusively at Wilma4Ever for the month of August.)

 For a complete list of participants in this blog train, please visit the main blog at Wilma4Ever
(Here is the unofficial list for you)

Here is the blog roll:

Wilma4Ever (this is the train station's main hub, there is no download here)
Pizazz Pixels (You are here)

New Release - A Day at the Amusement Park: Riding the Rides - Generic Elements by Pizazz Pixels

Hope you have enjoyed the bright colors of my latest kit.  It sure helped to put a smile on my face when I was designing this series! 

After I finished designing the rides for this series, I wanted to add some more generic elements to make this series a bit more versatile for all your everyday layouts and once I started, I ended up with a whopping 60 colorful elements which can complement mostly any theme: 


 This digital product is available at:

My Store at Digi Style Designs
My Store at Heartfelt Perfections

My Store at Wilma4Ever

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

It's a Back to School Sale -- Save 40% on all Pizazz Pixels Products

August is half over and I hear that some of you are preparing your little ones and not so little ones for their first day of school.  My kids do not go back until September so we still have a few more relaxing weeks of summer left!

A lot of sales are going on at the clothing stores out there to help you save money on new clothes for your kids but I wanted to help you save money on yourselves!  I am offering a Back To School sale of my own.

This sale applies to all of my stores and includes all previous releases as well as my latest releases

My Store at Digi Style Designs

My Store at Heartfelt Perfections

My Store at Wilma4Ever

New Release, A Day at the Amusement Park: Riding the Rides - Papers

Get ready for a bright, colorful combination of textured papers everyone.  This super collection of 28 full sized papers were completed using a rainbow color scheme......


Designed using a large color scheme of popular primary colors, these bright and richly textured papers can complement mostly any theme:  (i.e., Project 365, summer, spring, fun adventures, school days, summer vacation, etc.)
This digital product is available at:

My Store at Digi Style Designs

My Store at Heartfelt Perfections

My Store at Wilma4Ever

Upcoming Blog Train - Country Faire

I have been so busy with my amusement park series that I almost forgot about the upcoming Wilma4Ever Blog Train departing in a couple of days.  The theme this time is Country Faire and here are the colors that we used to design various digital goodies for you.

Stay tuned for my portion--a mini kit freebie.  Also, I am in the process of designing a coordinating product for the store too!

Monday, August 12, 2013

New Release of Series - "A Day at the Amusement Park: Riding the Rides" by Pizazz Pixels

After I finished the "Dreaming of a Mouse" Series, I realized that there was something missing--the rides!  So I began a new Amusement Park Series focusing on the fun rides at theme parks!  The color scheme chosen will be used for a few more kits to be released in September so you can enjoy a mega collection of papers, elements, and other products which can be used alone or mixed and matched for unlimited scrapping possibilities!

If you are looking for elements that are so original and unique, look no further because I digitally designed each of these 50 elements by myself! (I have a new respect for all those theme park engineers because I now know how difficult it is to create tracks with a beginning, an end, and a fun track too!  Also, there are so many little details to each ride, it is really incredible to me!)

What is your favorite ride when you go to the amusement park?    Well, this kit has many of the main ride attractions found at most theme parks! 

Add these rides to your layout/projects or have fun designing your own dream amusement park!

This digital product is available at:

My Store at Digi Style Designs
My Store at Heartfelt Perfections
My Store at Wilma4Ever

Friday, August 9, 2013

Save 20% on "Dreaming of a Mouse-The Complete Series by Pizazz Pixels

I am glad that you have enjoyed my latest release, "Dreaming of a Mouse!"  Because of your positive feedback about this series, I am offering a Special on this series.  If you purchase "Dreaming of a Mouse-The Complete Series," you will save 20% off if you were to purchase each item separately.

I cannot wait to see what kind of fun layouts you can create with this series--send me an email with your layout at

This Special Deal is available at all my stores:

My Store at Digi Style Designs

My Store at Heartfelt Perfections

My Store at Wilma4Ever

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Dreaming of a Mouse - Pattern & Polka Dot Papers by Pizazz Pixels

One can never have too many papers when working with a kit, so I decided to add some more special papers to coordinate with the "Dreaming of a Mouse Series."  This full sized paper pack contains 18 patterned and polka dot papers!
Stores where you can purchase this paper pack:
My Store at Digi Style Designs
My Store at Heartfelt Perfections
My Store at Wilma4Ever
This "Dreaming of a Mouse" Series has been so much fun!  I hope each part has put a smile on your face like it did mine!

Layouts Using "Dreaming of a Mouse"

One of my Creative Team members, Kristine, sent in two layouts using my "Dreaming of a Mouse" main kit.  When I created this series, I had theme parks in mind and Kristine used this kit to highlight her family's trip to Six Flags in California.

Kristine really did a great job at capturing the fun that her family had during one of the rides!  What a perfect father and son moment!  Looks like they are both ready for the Indy 500 for sure with that safety harness and their hair blowing--what speed were they going anyways? :)
My favorite part was how she masked out that photo at the right--this technique gave great contrast to the other photo in the fun frame! 
Here is another layout which she created--isn't the yellow a perfect contrast to that beautiful aqua water! 
I jut loved how this page was finished off! First off, it was so cool how she spread out the top and bottom photos to fit on the entire width of the page.  Even better, she cut these photos so that they each looked like a wave!  This gave the space for the title work and the bright yellow paper in back.  She finishes the page with that adorable titled photo to help recall being spectators at such an incredible animal show!
Thanks Kristine!