Friday, June 28, 2013

"My Little Monkey" layout--Please send in your layouts using my kits!

If you have noticed, I changed the background of my blog using the "My Little Monkey" kit which I designed.  It was so much fun to design the background but I have to admit that I really struggled with figuring how to put it on my blog, and how to make it look right.  It is not perfect, but I am pretty pleased at how it did turn out! 

I tried to look at tutorials to see how to create a PSE file and how to upload this file to Blogger, but I never really got the size right.  If anyone out there can offer some tutorials on how to use a PSE document as a background in Blogger, I would be so grateful--and one that does not use HTML would be even better because for some reason, when I check my code, there is no background code like all the tutorials say I am supposed to have :(.  Anyways, if you can give me some help in this area and leave a comment about how to do this, I would be most grateful!

You will be seeing a lot of this kit because Arimbi just sent in this sweet little stacked layout using "My Little Monkey."  Talk about making great use of papers in a kit!  I think she used at least 5-6 of the papers in this layout alone!  The way she tucked in her journaling was also very impressive!  Everything is just so linear with this layout and I think even my technical minded husband might also appreciate it as well :)

If anyone else wants to send me a layout using my kits, please feel free to do so--I just love to see what amazing things you can create!  Just send me the flattened png file to my email at; Subject is Kit Layout for Pizazz. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

"A Fun Filled Day at the Park" Layouts

Summer is in full swing--In the 80's where I live!  My kids are lucky--they are taking swimming lessons a few times a week!  At least they get to cool off a bit and have fun splashing in a pool too!

Speaking of summer, here are two outdoor themed layouts which my Creative Team gals created using my recent release, "A Fun Filled Day at the Park."  Get ready for some bright and bold colors folks!

Arimbi designed this darling creation which makes great use of "white space."  I really love how those rays on the paper draw the focus to her beautiful daughter who is enjoying some time outdoors.   Those adorable banners which she created using the papers really finished off that bold frame nicely!   This little darling girl looks like she does not mind being the center of attention! 

Ready for another fun-filled layout.  In this one, Kristine showcases the highlights of a huge birthday celebration where 4 children's birthdays were celebrated at one home!  (3 children share the same birthday and the other has a birthday within 9 days of the others)  The whole class was invited to this event.  (I admire anyone brave enough to host anything with more than 3 kids in attendance!)

Birthday Bash Credits- "A Fun Filled Day at the Park" by Pizazz Pixels and Biograffiti CJ21 free Download Template.

Hope these layouts inspire you to get those summer time memories scrapped!  Just a reminder--This kit is on sale at Heartfelt Perfections for 50% off until Sunday so now is the time to pick it up!

And remember, there is a blog freebie from a blog train a few posts back which coordinate to this kit so make sure to grab that!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Super Sale at Heartfelt Perfections - Pizazz Pixels products 50% off

Are you waiting for some summer savings before buying my products?  Well, wait no longer!  You can help me celebrate Heartfelt Perfection's 3rd Birthday with some huge savings!

From today until Sunday, June 30th, you can save 50% on every single kit of mine (priced over $2.00)!  Here are the details...

Credits for Ad (A Bit of Green, Pistachio, A Bit of Green, Pistachio Quick Pages, My Little Monkey, and My Little Monkey Borders all by Pizazz Pixels)--All on sale for 50% off!!!!!

So hurry on over to My Store at Heartfelt Perfections and check out all the great products that I have--all for 50% off!

"My Little Monkey" Layouts

I really needed something to make me smile today after the weekend we had (tell you about this in a later post) and one of my Creative Team members, Kristine, really helped to make me feel better with this fun filled layout!

I just loved how she blended one of the elements with the paper to make the paper look two-toned!  Also, how incredible is that border?  I just loved how she mixed the paper with the ric rac to create another wonderful, unique border which adds so much color to her layout.  Adding  flowers on top with all those leaves, another smart choice!

And how about that adorable little illustration/portion at the right?  What a wonderful way to use the elements to tell a side story!  It really makes me grin whenever I look at this page!

Credits - Two Cute Monkey’s - Used "My Little Monkey" by Pizazz Pixels entirely.  (No additional brushes or fonts were added).  The picture is her son and her darling nephew, his cousin.  They love each other so much even though there is a 10 year difference in age.  They play around all the time like monkey’s do and they  are  always on the go. Kristine used to call her brother a monkey all the time when he was growing up so it is only fitting that his son is called one too.  Monkey see Monkey do, right?  Ha-ha.

Thanks Kristine!!!!

Ready for more inspiration using this kit?  I too made a layout using pieces of my kit.  I really love the monkeys at the zoo and could just spend hours watching them.  They are so human like, they are very social, and they seem to have so much fun all day!  Anyways, I snapped a picture of one of these fun little guys and I also took a photo of our son who used his new found map reading skills to find out where the monkeys were located in the zoo!  I put the two pictures together and this is what I created...

You can still "swing by" my stores and grab this kit at a discount price until this Saturday!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

New Release - My Little Monkey by Pizazz Pixels - Special Introductory Price 1 Week Only

You are going to go BANANAs over this adorable collection of jungle monkeys from Pizazz Pixels.  This whimsical, full-sized collection will give you unlimited possibilities to scrap photos of all of those spunky monkeys in your own life! 

Looking for more..... Here are some additional full-sized (12 by 12 inch) borders and photo plop holders which coordinate to the main kit.
Have fun “monkeying around” with these new releases!

Stores where you can purchase these fun items.  As a special summer incentive, for one week only (until next Saturday, June 29), both items have been marked down from their original prices--at least 10% off!

My Store at Digi Style Designs

My Store at Heartfelt Perfections

My Store at Wilma4Ever

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Scraplift Challenge at Wilma4Ever - Pizazz Pixels is hosting June, 2013! - Free Mini Kit is the Participation prize

I wanted to remind everyone of the challenge that I am hosting over at Wilma4Ever's forum.  All you have to do is to create a layout based on the sample provided in my challenge, post your creation, and then receive a participation prize.  What is the prize, you may ask?  Well, if you complete this challenge by June 30, you get this freebie mini kit....

So please join me in my first challenge.  I want to see your creativity! 

Here is the link to my Scraplift Challenge.

New Release - A Fun-Filled Day at the Park by Pizazz Pixels

School is out where we live so there is more time available to spend with my kids.  One of the things that we like to do is to head outside early in the morning and play either in the backyard or at the local park or Metro Park.  When we arrive, the first thing the kids do is to run to the play area and check out all the playground equipment and structures.  They have so much fun just being a kid and running around and trying out each thing!

Celebrate all those fun filled spring and summer time memories spent outdoors or at the park with my latest release -- a bright and colorful digital kit. This kit is also versatile enough to capture those day to day moments in the lives of toddlers, kids, or even tweens too!

I used some of the colors from Wilma4Ever's color scheme for the June Blog Train in the color scheme for this latest release so that you could mix and match the freebies with this release for more scrapping possibilities.  (See the next post down for a coordinating freebie)

Stores where you can purchase this kit:

My Store at Digi Style Designs
My Store at Heartfelt Perfections

My Store at Wilma4Ever

Wilma4EverBlog Train, June 2013 - Traveling Around the World Wide Web -Mini Kit Freebie,

Wilma4Ever's June Blog Train has left the station again.  This time the theme was Traveling Around the World Wide Web. I tried to capture the "surfing aspect" through the various waves which I designed.  I also included a fun little paper which represents the binary code of the computer.  Finally, I added a laptop and several frames to showcase your treasures that you find when surfing the net.

   Here is the mini kit which I designed as a special gift for all of you....

I just loved this particular color combination so much that I used some of these colors in my latest release which is available at all my stores.  (See the previous post)

Download Link for Surfing the Net Full Sized Mini Kit Freebie

Here is the full list of participants.  We are all on different time zones, so if someone doesn't have their part up yet,please check back later.

Wilma4Ever (this is the train station's main hub, there is no download here)

For another freebie, check out our monthly contest, just click below...

Friday, June 14, 2013

New Blog Header - Sneak Peek of My Latest Release

Hi all,

If you are a regular visitor to my blog (which I am grateful for by the way), you will have noticed that something has changed.  Yes, I have finally updated my blog header.  About time right?  It has been a few years, but I have finally updated my header to my blog!  Say goodbye to the old header  below... (I think our kids and our dog were about 2 years younger than they are now in these photos)

By viewing the header, you will have a sneak peek of my latest release which I will show you a bit later on--(building suspense here).

By the way, the blog train freebie that I am sure you are anxious to receive, will be on its way by midnight tonight!  Also, this freebie's color scheme is similar to my latest release so you can get a few extras with my main kit--wink, wink.

Thursday, June 13, 2013


I wanted to share with you a few layouts which one of the Creative Team members over at Heartfelt Perfections created for me using my " AN AQUAMARINE NIGHT TO REMEMBER" kit.  Poki really created two stunning layouts here!  I just loved how she used so many papers in one page.  The addition of those block frames along with the multiple papers really make each page so dramatic.  I also loved the elegant/romantic feel to each page through the use of those stars and pretty flowers. 

What a perfect way to highlight a special occasion!  (I can actually envision a whole wedding album being created using just this kit!)  This couple is so very lucky to have a special remembrance of their special day--something to treasure always. 


Both layouts also feature templates from Southern Serenity Designs by Amber Morrison DR HUXTABLE which releases on 6/13

Thanks poki!  Absolutely beautiful!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Preview of Wilma4Ever's June Blog Train

Summer Time everyone!  Time to kick back and relax for some and time to at least slow down for others (hopefully).

Another month means another freebie from me!  Wilma4Ever's June Blog Train  will leave the station in the next few days so I wanted to give you a sneak peek at the color scheme and theme too.  The theme is "Traveling Around The World Wide Web" and here are the colors we had to work with....


Monday, June 3, 2013

Dollar Tuesday (and Monday and Wednesday too) at Digi Style Designs - Pizazz Pixels

I have been busy reducing many of my designs over at my store at Digi Style Designs.  Now you can check out several of my things and get them for only $1.00 each.  This special deal starts right now and ends Wednesday evening!

You can just scroll through all my products to see the various items which I have discounted.


My Store at Digi Style Designs