Wednesday, January 30, 2013

All My Kits are $1.00 over at Divine Digital!

This is the best day to purchase any one of my kits if you have not had the chance to check out my designs yet!

For today only, in honor of Customer Appreciation Week over at Divine Digital, I am offering a HUGE special!  Every single full sized kit, mini kit, element pack, etc. is on sale for $1.00 each!  (I have never before offered such a huge deal)

Link to my Boutique at Divine Digital

This is your chance to get some great kits at one very extreemely low price.


Thanks for your support!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Buy One, Get One at Divine Digital - Pizazz Pixels

It's still Customer Appreciation Week over at Divine Digital.  Today, is the "BOGO" special.  This means that you can buy any one of my kits at Divine Digital and then get another equal or lesser product for FREE!. 

Just look at my store, buy the kit(s) and then let me know which kit you want for FREE
 in this forum, and I will send you a private message along with the free kit.

It is a great deal!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Freebie Mini Kit from Pizazz Pixels on January 28-31 at Divine Digital

As a way of saying thank you to all of you for your support of my designs, I am offering a freebie mini kit over at Divine Digital.  In honor of Customer Appreciation Week, I offer you Scrap Happy:

This freebie will be availabe from January 28-January 31

You can get the free download link by going to this thread at Divine Digital....

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Chance to Win a Free Kit From Pizazz Pixels at Divine Digital

Hi everyone!

Are you feeling lucky today? Why not try to Make a Wish Today over at Divine Digital.  If you put your name in my Make A Wish - Pizazz Pixels thread, I might just select your name to win a kit of your choice for free.  You could pick any one of the kits which I have designed over at Divine Digital.  (I will draw a name at random to win.)  You could also submit your name on the 31st because I will be granting wishes then too!

Good luck!

Here is the link to the thread....

Saturday, January 26, 2013

50% off sale at Divine Digital - Pizazz Pixels

Come celebrate Customer Appreciation Week with me over at Divine Digital!

Today only (Saturday, January 26), you can save at least 50% off on all my kits over at Divine Digital!  In some cases, you can save even more!!!!!

Hurry, this crazy sale will only last one day!

My Store at Divine Digital

Friday, January 25, 2013

Freebie Mini Kit - More Bold Sophistication Blog Freebie by Pizazz Pixels

Here is the second freebie in a series of 4 related freebies.  It is "More Bold Sophistication - Blog Freebie".

Updated as of Saturday, January 26 -  Link Fixed:  Download Link
(Thanks for letting me know of the problem everyone!)
Update as of 2/7/2012 - Link has been removed--This mini kit will appear in my stores soon.

Remember, this link will be good for 1 week so please grab it while you are able.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Customer Appreciation Week at Divine Digital (Pizazz Pixels' Specials)

Hi everyone

It is so cold where we live--I actually was sent home because the boiler was out at work--so sad right?  I could think of a bunch of things that I could do with some extra free time :) :).

I wanted to let everyone know about a special celebration going on over at Divine Digital ....
Starting this Friday, January 25 until January 31, Divine Digital is having a Customer Appreciation Week.  What this means to you is some extra sweet savings, celebrations, and all sorts of fun.  Here are the details for the daily specials which I am having......

So, mark your calendars, set some reminders, and have some fun over at Divine Digital starting Friday!

Stay warm!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Freebie - Bold Sophistication Blog Freebie Mini Kit

Happy Friday everyone!

I got a call from our son's school today and we were told he had a 103 fever.  I had to leave my day job early and pick the poor little guy up!  He is resting in bed now and feeling a tad better after some medicine and a Frosty from Wendy's! 

I wanted to let you all know of my plan to offer some blog freebies in the next few weeks.  I plan on releasing 1 freebie per week from now until the end of February.  The first 3 freebies coordinate with 2 products in all of my stores--Bold Sophistication and More Bold Sophistication.  The last one coordinates with a kit which is over at Digi Style Designs called Sophisticated Fashion.

I have to start removing each freebie after a week because all of my free sharing space sites are getting full!  This means that you have one full week to download each freebie before the link is removed.

Here is the first freebie, Bold Sophistication Blog Freebie

Update as of 1/ 25/2013 - (Link Removed)  Plan to re-package and put into my stores as another kit.

I used the color scheme of red, white, black, and grey which would be perfect for any project related to love, romance, or Valentine's Day which is coming up quickly!

Enjoy!  I need to get back to check on my son....

Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Release - Bold Sophistication

2013 has just started and January is almost half way gone!  I am trying to get ahead in designing things that can be used right away so I am releasing Bold Sophistication.  With Valentine's Day shortly approaching, I thought it might come in handy!  This kit could also be used for any type of special occasion.

Add some more beauty, sparkle, glitz, and glam to all your projects with this sophisticated kit.

You can get this at any of my stores:

My Store at Digi Style Designs
My Store at Divine Digital
My Store at Southern Comfort Scraps

Week 1 Update - Diva Fit

Hi all,

As you know, I joined the Diva Fit Challenge over at Divine Digital a few weeks ago--go Pink Team!  I decided to publicly post my progress here on my blog for a few reasons.  The first is that by giving out my updates, I will be accountable to a large audience--all my followers and fans.  You guys will keep me honest :) I am hoping!  Also, I have never before documented my personal struggles with healthy lifestyles so I will do so here.

Anyways, after week one, I am proud to say that I have lost 4 pounds!  Yeah!  The first week is usually easy for me beccause I really focus on the good habits.  It is those weeks 4-13 and beyond that are troublesome because I tend to go back into my old bad habits.  For this first week, I tried to drink a lot more water.  I flavor it with Mio to change it up a bit and honestly, by drinking more water all the time, I did not really feel like I wanted to eat those in between snacks so much!  Every day I had cereal (3/4 of a cup), salad for lunch, and a normal dinner that my entire family ate.

I am going to give weekly updates, by the way to help meet my goal of being healthier in 2013.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Release - Healthy Lifestyle Borders by Pizazz Pixels

I just created some full sized, 12 inch wide or high clustered boarders/page ploppers with and without frames to coordinate to my latest release, Healthy Lifestyle Goals.    Here are a set of 10 beautiful borders which can be added to any fitness/healthy lifestyle type of layout or can be used to create any other project with a coordinating color scheme.

This set of borders is available at all my stores:

My Store at Digi Style Designs
My Store at Divine Digital
My Store at Southern Comfort Scraps

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Release - Healthy Lifestyle Goals

I am on Day 2 of Divine Digital's Diva Fit Challenge and have started to document my beginning point and my goals for this challenge. This was a resolution for me this year--to get healthier so it will help to have so much support --and also some accountability too from so many fellow participants!  I am on the Pink team and am sporting a new blinkie as a result---

I designed another fitness/healthy lifestyle goals type of kit to help document my progress along the way to a healthier me.  Here is Healthy Lifestyle Goals. 

This kit has some weekly goals sheets to help anyone else with their fitness/healthy lifestyle goals.  It also has a bunch of unique elements which can be added to your goal sheets to help motivate and inspire you along your own journey to a healthier 2013!.

This kit is available at all my stores:
My Store at Digi Style Designs
My Store at Divine Digital
My Store at Southern Comfort Scraps
I am using this kit to create some layouts of my beginning point of the challenge so stay tuned for that.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Buy My Store at Southern Comfort Scraps

Just wanted to remind everyone about my "Buy My Store" deal going on over at Southern Comfort Scraps. 

With this special, rare, opportunity, you can get over $40 worth of full sized digital scrapbooking kits, quick pages, and adorable element packs for the amazing price of $10.00.  All kits relate to the holidays (Christmas), winter, animals (reindeer), nature, cabins in the winter time, angels, holiday decorations, and/or snow fun.  (The ad below is just a sample of some of the things you can get if you Buy My Store!)

And yes, included in this low price are my two latest releases - Sweat In Style, and Sweat In Style Clustered Boarders.

So hurry on down to my store at Southern Comfort Scraps before January 20, 2013 to grab some beautiful, original full sized kits for one low price!

Go ahead and scrap those winter/holiday memories now for one low price!
My Store at Southern Comfort Scraps

Freebie Mini Kit - Sweat In Style Blog Freebie

How has day one of 2013 been for everyone so far?  I just went grocery shopping in the morning and then we played some cards as a family--one more of those new year's relolutions (to spend time away from electronics for a while).  We played a game called Phase 10 which a friend introduced me to a while ago and it was really fun!  Each player tries for a certain phase of cards (either a run or a set of a certain number of cards) and then tries to go out before the other players.  Each player can be on a different phase so the game keeps everyone on their toes!

Well, as promised earlier, I designed a blog freebie add on to my latest releases--Sweat in Style.  I tried to make this blog freebie a bit sparkly to celebrate both the new year and to help those with the resolution to get more fit.  Here is Sweat in Style--Blog Freebie
I just want to point out that one of the elements is a heart which matches my newly designed kit logo.

Hope this little mini will add a bit of sparkle and style to your own pages!   If you want more, please go to my stores to purchase the full sized kit and the clustered boarders as well! :)  (See prior post for preview)

Update - Sorry, I was rambling so much that I completely forgot the download link....

Here is the freebie download link

New Releases for the New Year

Happy New Years Everyone!  Now I have to get used to writing 2013 on everything I date!

We spent a quiet evening in to celebrate the ringing in of the new year.  We ordered Chinese take-out, watched some Times' Square New Years Eve specials, and watched the ball drop!  It was nice and relaxing!

Did everyone get a chance to make some resolutions?  If you are like most, one of the top resolutions is to lose weight or to get healthy.  I personally have decided to make 2013 a healthier year.  As a matter of fact, I am going to participate in a Divine Digital Diva Fit Challenge which starts in a few weeks.  Being supported by others along the way will hopefully keep me on track and keep me motivated!  In celebration of this challenge, I designed a few fitness themed kits.  The colors, light blue, salmon pink, and violet purple represent the teams of the challenge--I am pink and proud of it!

Anyways, here are the kits:

Here is a set of coordinating full sized (12 inch) boarders/photo ploppers/photo toppers) to add even more fun to your pages....

If you enjoy keeping fit or if you are just starting a move to a more healthy lifestyle, then these kits are for you to document all your goals, successes, and/or inspirational messages to keep you motivated!

Both of these kits are available at all my stores!

My Store at Digi Style Designs
My Store at Divine Digital
My Store at Southern Comfort Scraps
 (P.S.  Stay tuned for a freebie blog add on which coordinates to these 2 products)