Saturday, March 23, 2013

New Releases - A Pocket Full of Paisley kits

We had our first day of spring this Wednesday and in anticipation of some true spring weather instead of our 30 degree days which is what we have been having, I designed a kit which is somewhat spring like.  Here is A Pocket Full of Paisley.  It is a kit which is jam packed of paisleys and other beautiful and stylish trinkets, bits and pieces.  This kit's color scheme and generic elements makes for endless possibilities.......

Want even more incentive to go grab it?  Well, it is now on sale at all my stores because of the March Madness Sale which I have until the end of the month! 

My Store at Digi Style Designs
My Store at Southern Comfort Scraps
My Store at Wilma4Ever

Friday, March 22, 2013

$1.00 Weekend Deal at Wilma4Ever for Pizazz Pixels kits

It's a Friday night!  Wooo Hoooo!

Starting tonight through Sunday night, I have a lot of $1.00 deals for you over at my store at Wilma4Ever.
All my Easter kits, my romantic kits and a Saint Patrick's Day kit is marked down to $1.00 this weekend.
Also, my 60% off sale still continues through the end of March so you can take advantage of that too!!!!!

My Store at Wilma4Ever where you can save some cash!
Thanks for your support!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Special Savings- March Madness Sale Continues

Many of you have already discovered just how low the prices are on all of my products at all of my stores!  Thanks so much for your purchases everyone!

Just how good is this sale?  Every full sized kit and item in all of my stores is priced under $1.80.  Here are the details....

Stores where you can purchase my designs, kits, CU items, etc.
My Store at Digi Style Designs
My Store at Southern Comfort Scraps
My Store at Wilma4Ever

Thanks again for checking my designs out!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Layout using My "Feeling Lucky" kit

I wanted to share with you a special tradition that our family started a few years back to celebrate St. Patrick's Day--one of those holidays that seems to come and go without too much notice.

We find things that are green around the house and then place them on the table to encourage the tricky little Leprechauns to come visit and hopefully leave us little goodies.  This year, our children made little houses on their own to make the little fellows feel welcome if they come to our house to visit.

Here is my layout.  (My first layout of the year since I seem to spend more time designing kits these days.)

Credits:  Feeling Lucky Blog Freebie by Pizazz Pixels

Do you have any special traditions for this day or do you try to trap these creatures?

Easter Kits by Pizazz Pixels are available at Wilma 4Ever

Hippity, Hoppity, Easter is on its way.  And to celebrate I have added so many  adorable kits jam packed with plenty of darling Easter elements including bunnies, chicks, eggs, Easter baskets, and related word art.  Also included are other more generic elements which can be used to create any type of layout.  (Think spring or other special memories too!)

Here are a few previews of just SOME of the Easter products which I have available for purchase.  (I still have a few more to add believe it or not!)

And remember, all these kits are on sale too with my March Madness Sale (Everything is 60% off so grab a whole bunch of goodies at a very low price.)

Let the Easter fun begin! 

All these products are available at My Store at Wilma4Ever

Wilma4Ever's "Feeling Lucky" Blog Train for March; Freebie Mini Kit by Pizazz Pixels

I am excited to be riding Wilma4Ever's Blog Train for the first time!  I just started designing for this fantastic store the other month and now wanted to join in on one of the train cars for their blog train since the colors were so bold and bright and of course, Irish too!

Here is the preview of the mini kit which I designed using the theme "Feeling Lucky."  I focused on the darker colors for the papers except for that single paper with a splash of mellow yellow.  I decided to go a bit Irish with the hat, clover scatter, fun Irish pin, and some lucky coins for you too!  I also added a more generic frame and a few rainbow themed elements so that you could use this kit for other things as well!

If you could take a moment to tell me what you think, I would really appreciate it!  It encourages me!

Here is a list of the other participants:

And for my English friends, you can use the kit to send me a layout of that famous river which is colored green just for St. Patrick's Day.  (I also found out that other places do this as well so if you do, show me how it is done!)

Here is the official list of participants: 
Wilma4Ever (this is the train station's main hub, there is no download here)
April the Scrapaholic
April's Kits
Becky's Creations
Craftypoly's Curiosity Shop
Disyas Digitals Designs
Just Another Scrap
Galerie de Jackie
Rose Made Designs
Millie's Psp Madness
PattyB Scraps
Pizazz Pixels  (You are Here)
Rocky Designs
Sugarbutt Designs
Joyfully Yours, Susannah

Download Link for My Portion of the Blog Train

My Store at Wilma4Ever (Having a 60% Off Sale for all of March)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

March Madness Sale for Pizazz Pixels - 60% Off

Have you been waiting for a special sale on my products so that you can check out the quality and my unique designing style?  Well, wait no longer!

I will be offering a special "March Madness" sale where all my products will be on sale for 60% off!
This sale will last from Friday, March 15 until Easter Sunday, March 31.

You will find some terrific products at such a low price!

This sale will be held at all three of my stores!

My Store at Digi Style Designs
My Store at Southern Comfort Scraps
My Store at Wilma4Ever

Thanks for your support!

New Release - Year in Review: March (Lucky Clover) by Pizazz Pixels

Tomorrow it is our daughter's birthday--she will be 11 and is growing up way too fast now!  With sports added to the mix and all that homework, the days just go by so fast!

I almost forgot about a new release that I had been meaning to get out a bit earlier....Here is Year in Review:   March (Lucky Clover). 

May good luck be with you in this kit designed around the theme of St. Patrick’s Day. 

This kit is available for the low price of 2.50 at My Store at Wilma4Ever

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone and don't forget to wear your green or at least get some green!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Feeling Lucky Blog Train - Pizazz Pixels Mini Kit Preview

First of all, I want to thank you for following me to Wilma4Ever and for choosing some of my things over at their Store to purchase!

Are you feeling lucky lately?  Well, I have some good fortune to spread--starting this Friday, March 15, Wilma4Ever's March Blog Train will be leaving the station.  You will be treated to some goodies along the way including my first ever contribution to this particular blog train!  Since I was invited to their store last month, I am starting to get my feet wet over there! 

Here is a sneak peek for those of you who cannot wait for things!
Just check back on Friday for the freebie mini kit which I will be offering!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Weekend Deals at Wilma4Ever and March Madness too

 There are a few exciting things going on right now at Wilma4Ever.  First you can check out some weekend deals for $1.00 deals.

(I have about 4 things priced at $1.00 for this event--my Sophisticated Fashion Series and a Love kit)  Check the Weekend Deals section when you reach the store

Also, several other products are on sale for under $1.50 too  (Check my store out)

One last incentive to get more green in your stash..  Earn a prize for creating something green.  (See ad below)  With my A Bit of Green, Pistachio Series (which are on sale for Saturday only), you can get green and SAVE green too!

Please check out My Store at Wilma4Ever

Friday, March 8, 2013

Last Days of Sale on Bit of Green Series and Romance Blooms Too!

Happy weekend everyone!  We are finally seeing sun and the snow melting where I live so it is looking like spring is on its way for us!

Just reminding everyone of the last few days of savings--All of my Bit of Green - Pistachio kits are on sale for 50% off and my Romance Blooms is on sale too.  All four items are new releases and will give you a chance to get them at a low price before being marked up to regular price starting Sunday.

Stores where you can enjoy these special deals!
My Store at Digi Style Designs
My Store at Southern Comfort Scraps
My Store at Wilma4Ever
Thanks everyone

Freebie Quick Pages for Romance Blooms by Pizazz Pixels

This is the last scheduled freebie for my Romance Blooms series.  I offer you two six by six inch quick pages which were designed using various pieces from my Romance Blooms kits.  Here is a preview:
You can download these two pages  at any time--I will leave them up until I run out of space :(
Download Link

Take care

Monday, March 4, 2013

New Release - Blooming Romance by Pizazz Pixels

Ok Heidi, This one is for you .......

I recently offered several freebies over at Divine Digital with the theme Romance Blooms.  Since the store closed, I was never able to offer the individual daily "mini kits" into my store at Divine.  Now I can now offer this beautiful kit to everyone!

Here is a kit which hopefully will promote an early Spring where you live (here in Michigan it is still cold and there is still snow on the ground).  This kit is just filled with love and beautiful romantic themed elements as well as some amazing clustered flowers and other blooms too! 

(Even if you grabbed all the pieces when these sets were free, you will notice that I have "reloaded" the kit to include many more elements--this mega kit now has a whopping 28 papers and 60 elements now!)

So even if your own garden is not growing, you can grab this kit and have some everlasting blooms!
Stores where you can purchase this kit:
My Store at Digi Style Designs
My Store at Southern Comfort Scraps
My Store at Wilma4Ever
ps. Heidi, please email me for your special gift!  I'll be waiting

Ok Heidi, I received your comment in my email but I am having a lot of trouble with the email address you gave me.  Could you please send me an email directly to so I can just reply to you for your special deal.  Thanks

Friday, March 1, 2013

New Releases in Stores Now

Hi Everyone

Thanks so much for letting me know that my latest releases were not up and running in my stores yet.  I uploaded these kits about a week ago and just forgot to set them to be available today!

Now you can go to any store and buy these new releases at their reduced prices for one week!

Thanks again

Special Deal on "A Bit of Green - Pistachio" related kits - 50% off for one week only

I have been thinking of different ways to help you save some money and help me sell some kits too!  I decided that I am going to try something new and see how it goes.  To promote my latest new releases, I thought I would offer a special deal for all of my loyal fans....

For one week only (from March 1 until March 9), you can save 50% on any of my "A Bit of Green - Pistachio" kits  (You can look 1 post down for the previews)

(Credits:  A Year in Review: March (Lucky Clover) at Digi Style Designs and A Bit of Green - Pistachio Clustered Borders at all my stores)

With this special deal, you can grab all three of these coodinating kits for under $5.00--$4.51 to be exact!
I am offering this sale at all three of my stores....  (You can grab one, two, or better yet, three of these kits and still save 50% off on each and every one of the kits!!)

My Store at Digi Style Designs
My Store at Southern Comfort Scraps
My Store at Wilma4Ever
Enjoy this special deal!

New Releases - A Bit of Green - Pistachio Series by Pizazz Pixels

March is here! It is the month of our daughter's birthday and this is fitting too because she can be spunky like a lion and sweet like a lamb!

March is the month of St. Patrick's Day here in the states but I wanted to design some things which could be a bit more useful for all of my fans both here in the US. and also in other parts of the world which do not celebrate this particular holiday.  Thus, I decided to focus on the color green and once I got going, I began to add creamy white and a bit of grey for contrast.  After looking at these colors for a while, I was reminded of a particular food item which strangely matched the colors of the items which I was designing--the pistachio nut!  So I went with it and added a few nuts to the kit and created some other pistachio related items as well. I was really happy with the end results and I hope you will agree too!

Here is the main full sized kit (16 papers and 40 elements large):
Here is a set of coordinating full size (12 by 12 inch) quick pages to help you complete some beautiful pages with ease:
And finally, here are some sparkly, glamorous and beautiful coordinating full sized (12 by 12 inch) borders to finish off the series.
  These digital scrapbooking products are available at these stores:

My Store at Digi Style Designs
My Store at Southern Comfort Scraps
My Store at Wilma4Ever

Please enjoy a bit of green everyone!

Freebie Mini Kit - Romance Blooms, Blog Freebie

Since February was such a short month, I ran out of days to offer the last few bits of "Romance Blooms"  So you get lucky today!  I am offering Romance Blooms, Blog Freebie

Here is the download link to this freebie mini kit.  I plan on keeping it up until my space runs out on Dropbox.  I just finished making the huge kit related to this freebie so stay tuned....,.