Saturday, December 22, 2012

My First Blinkie - Please Enjoy and Share!

Hi everyone

I have to admit that technology and me often do not get along!  Whenever I try to learn something related to web pages, HTML, blinkies, banners, I end up getting frustrated, stressed, and then I get ticked off if nothing seems to work!

Well, I wanted to get an early start on one of my New Year's resolution which was to create a fan blinkie for myself!  It was not easy but after finding instructions on six different web pages, I finally figured out how to create a blinkie.  (Well, it is a static image because the animation part was not an option for me.)  Even better, I finally (after about 3 hours) figured out how to place this blinkie on my blog and even better, get it to link back to my blog if someone were to click on it.

Here it is folks, my first created Blinkie

This blinkie is located at the right of this blog.  I would really appreciate it if you would grab it if you like/love my designs.  Even better, it would help me so much if you could share it to help me get my name out there in digital land! 

Thanks so much and Enjoy!  (One resolution done and it isn't even 2013 yet--so happy)

Friday, December 21, 2012

First Time Ever Deal -- Buy My Store at Southern Comfort Scraps

Ok, so the gifts keep coming from my end :)

I decided to offer a first time ever special deal for everyone since I know how tight money is this time of year especially.

I am offering a Buy My Store at Southern Comfort Scraps Special from now until January 20, 2013.

Details:  Buy my whole store for just $10.  You will have access to my entire collection of full-sized kits relating to winter, nature, reindeers, holiday, baking, and even my Cabin in the Woods Series .  (Savings of over 72% off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
So hurry over the river and through the woods to Southern Comfort Scraps you go.....
My Store at Southern Comfort Scraps
Annemarie (a.k.a., )Pizazz Pixels

Freebie Mini Kit - Year in Review (December) Gingerbread Fun Freebie

Well the holiday break is on since the kids and us are home and do not have to go back to work for one blissfull week!

I decided to give all of my loyal blog readers a little early Christmas gift in the form of a digital mini kit of course!  Get ready to have some fun baking cookies digital scrapbooking style! The best part is that you get to create whatever kind of cookie you want with this fun little kit!  Cookie and sprinkles included of course :)

This is a mini kit which coordinates to my latest release, Year in Review: December (Gingerbread Fun)-- which is available at all my stores!

Here is the download link to the mini kit freebie!

Enjoy and Happy Holidays Everyone!  Enjoy the time with family, friends, and loved ones!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

New Releases - Cabin in the Woods Series

Raining today and the forecast said snow so I do not know what is going on.  On days like these, it is nice just to get some things done around the house (which of course gets neglected in my case!)

I enjoyed the color scheme of one of my recent designs, Cabin in the Woods - Winter Times so I decided to design a few more related products to go along with this kit.  Here are the previews:

All these kits are available at all three of these stores:

My Store at Digi Style Designs: 
My Store at Southern Comfort Scraps
My Store at Divine Digital
If you like these, you will love the fact that they are on sale too for 65% off until December 31st!

Cozy up with these kits!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

End of the Year Sale for Pizazz Pixels - Save 65%

How is everyone's shopping going out there?  I am not even close to where I should be!  We have gifts for our 2 young children but as for the rest--well, let's just say I had better get busy!

I know that everyone is so busy especially during the holidays and of course money is tight especially in December so I wanted to give you a little gift--the gift of big savings on all my digital kits of course.  For the rest of the month (until December 31st), you can save a huge 65% off on every single full sized kit, quick page set, or any other item in my store.

Here is the ad (I use my most recent designed kit called Year In Review, December (Gingerbread Fun) to design this by the way)

My Store at Digi Style Designs: 
(Discount is visibally shown on each product)
My My Store at Divine Digital
(Discount will take effect and show you the reduction in price when you use the Shopping Cart, Check Out Feature)

Happy shopping and savings everyone!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

New Release - Cabin in the Woods - Winter Times

Well, December is here if you can believe it!  2013 is almost around the corner!

Here in Michigan, with the usual four seasons, we have yet to see a big snowstorm.  I cannot believe I am saying this but I miss the white stuff!  Instead of those beautiful wintery flakes, we are getting milder temperatures, rain, and a few very cold days--but no snow!

I missed the snow so much, I had to design a kit to celebrate the wonderful winter weather.  Here is Cabin in the Woods - Winter Time.

If you are one of those that love winter, snow, reindeers, or just relaxing in a cozy home, this is the perfect kit for you.  You can purchase this kit at these two stores.

My Store at Digi Style Designs: 

My Store at Divine Digital

If you want a coordinating freebie to this kit, see the post below.  You can complete a challenge at Divine Digital (12 Days of Tradition Africa Challenge) and earn this little mini kit if you post a layout using my Holiday Celebrations Around the World:  Kwanzaa freebie kit by December 31st:

Enjoy and I'll be crossing my fingers for some wintery flakes!

Freebie Alert--"Mini Kit Freebie" An Early Holiday Gift - Holiday Traditions Around the World:

Over at Divine Digital, there is a big holiday event  happening:  12 Days of Traditions.  You can learn about holiday traditions all over the world.  Even better, you can grab some amazing kits for free!

I chose Africa to focus on because I found out that Kwanzaa mostly is a holiday which focuses on sharing, community, and family--all great things in my book.

Here is the preview of the kit which I designed based on the symbols and traditions surrounding Kwanzaa.

If you like this kit, you will need to head on over to Divine Digital so you can get this kit for free

As a special bonus, you have the opportunity to grab another freebie which I created.  If you complete the challenge posted in the Challenge section at Divine Digital using the above kit and post a layout by December 31, you can earn this little kit:

I cannot wait to see what you can create using the Kwanzaa kit which I designed!  Have fun!