Friday, February 24, 2017

Guest CT (February), Annemarie, for GingerScraps - Life Pages - February 2017 Week 6 Templates by JB Studio and Together by Neia Scraps Designs

Life Pages started as a series of templates designed to scrap the everyday life. Now, it became a collection that includes journal cards and pocket templates - everything one needs to scrap weekly or daily photos as also pocket pages. If you're looking for a non-traditional kit to document your monthly memories Life Pages is the perfect fit for you. 

 I used this fabulous template, along with a Sweet new release by Neia Scraps called Together. 

Together by Neia Scraps Designs is perfect for scrapping those moments intertwining your life with another.

Together in the little moments and big. Be it together with your love, your family, or your friends.

This kit is packed full of loving elements, beautiful flowers, and more. All wrapped up in deep blues and dark pastel blues.
The Story of Your Birth

Template: Life Pages - February 2017 Week 6 Templates (Commercial Use), JB Studio;
Kit:  Together, Neia Scraps Designs

Font Used:  Centeria Script Demo, Clipper Script (Personal Use), Calibri, and Trebuchet MS


I had just finished teaching a night class and when I got into my car to drive home, I experienced some pretty heavy contractions.  Luckily, the principal was staying late too and I got his attention by yelling.  I told him that I was probably about to go into labor.  He called my husband and prepared him for my hasty arrival.  My sweet boss, Glenn, followed me home and made sure that my husband was waiting for me with bags packed!  Once I arrived home, my water broke so I knew things were moving very quickly.  Eric and I grabbed everything and set out on our way to the hospital….

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