Thursday, March 9, 2017

Creative Team, Annemarie, for GingerScraps – Week 3 Entry for Scrapping Survivor and Wild & Free

I have made it into Round 3 of Scrapping Survivor.  The challenge, this week, is to find some inspiring words on Pinterest and then scrap these along with one photo.  Also, we had to use 3 different fonts in the layout. 

This challenge came at a perfect time because I wanted to find something that would inspire our daughter for her first time try outs next week.

 I used a kit Wild & Free by Pretty & Green.  It is a fun soft orange and blue geometric inspired woodland kit that can be used to scrap those wild spirits, a zoo trip, a trip to the wilderness, state parks, or Native American types of memories



Credits:   Kit:  Wild & Free (Kit and Alpha) by Pretty in Green
Fonts Used:  Caneletter Sans Thin Personal, Impact, Black Chancery, and Micorsoft New Tai Lue along with an alpha


Available at:  Ginger Scraps

 Side Notes:  Our daughter is trying out for a High School sport.  This is the first time she has had to try out for anything.  I wanted to find some type of message that would be inspirational to her at this time in case someone makes a discouraging comment….. After looking through Pinterest, I found an inspirational message that will hopefully help her through not only her tryouts but will help her with life beyond sports….

 Here is the message…../Journaling
The people who say “You cant” and “You wont” are probably scared that “you will”

Love mom

Found inspiration here on Pinterest –

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