Thursday, July 30, 2015

2015 Scrapping Survivor – Challenge

 Well, I decided to enter Scrapping Survivor over at Ginger Scraps for the first time.  There are challenges, vote offs, Immunity Challenges and some fun too. 
The first challenge was to either dress like a pirate or use some photoshop or phone app. to disguise ourselves as a pirate and then post the results.  We also had to use the words Shiver Me Timbers in the Layout. 
Everyone who followed the rules and posted their layouts made it to Week 2 so that was a relief!  I might be begging for votes this week though....

Shiver Me Timbers…Mom?


Here is the kit I used....
Credits:  A Pirate’s Life, Boomer’s Girl Designs

Font Used:  Freebooter Italic

Journaling -
Shiver Me Timbers….Mom?

     When I came downstairs to ask our 13-year-old daughter to take some pictures of me, she did a double take and said, “What in the world are you doing dressed in Daniel’s Halloween costume?” I replied that I needed to look like a pirate for a Digital Survivor Contest. Lauren seemed O.K. with this and just said, “You need to send me copies of all the photos I take O.K.?”  So a deal was struck! 
Lauren took photos of me and I sent her the copies. I just wonder what will happen with those copies....

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